#Booktober2016 Challenge!

Hello guys! To follow my “tradition” of having a monthly book challenge on Instagram, this month @Xenatine (Christine) and I (@Serialbibliophile) have combined forces to create an amazing challenge following the Halloween theme!

This post will have a quick explanation of all of the prompts in case you have any doubts or need a little help to figure out what to do.

Day 1: Pink for Breast-Cancer Awareness Month – The pink ribbon is the global symbol for breast cancer awareness. Before starting our Halloween festivities, we should take a moment to raise awareness and show our support for women who have fought, survived, or sadly lost the battle to breast cancer.

Day 2: Oktoberfest (TBR) – Let the October festivities begin! Show us your TBR for the month!

Day 3: Fall leaves – Book Ombré – September is all about fall, while October (still fall, duh) is all about Halloween, let’s not forget this amazing time of the year and show some fall colors!

Day 4: Haunting Read – Show us your spooky books, could be mystery, thrillers, ANYTHING that goes alone the halloween theme!

Day 5: Vampires or Werewolves? – This is Twilight all over again haha! Which team are you?

Day 6: Mad Hatter Day – This is a real holiday (that I just learned about), share us the original Mad Hatter, or which characters do you consider to be as mad as him?

Day 7: Book Graveyard – This one could take on many meanings. Could be books following this theme, or books that have “died” for you, maybe a series you’d want to bury away? Get creative!

Day 8: Black & Orange – The main Halloween colors of course!

Day 9: Green & Purple – Some more halloween related colors.

Day 10: Book & Mask – You could literally use a mask as a prop, masked characters, masks as book covers, etc.

Day 11: Twisted Tuesday (Twist your books) – Book spiral anyone? This is the most literal meaning we can give you, but we love it when people twist our words and get creative!

Day 12: Murder Mystery – Books following the theme. Murder, Mystery, both? Yes!

Day 13: Chapter 13th – “Friday the 13th” – Show us the Chapter 13 of a book! Could be your favorite read, or maybe just the book you’re currently reading? Who cares, Jason is coming SO HURRY UP!

Day 14: Suicide Squad – Team up with a villain – Hell yeah, we are making up our own supervillain team mwahaha. Well…… maybe we’re not that evil, but let’s pretend for a day!

Day 15: Bloody Reds – Red books, books with blood, etc. just make it red!

Day 16: Spooky Sock Sunday – Just a regular sock sunday following our halloween theme!

Day 17: Monday Mystery – Show us a Mystery Book!

Day 18: Creepy Vibes (Book Cover) – Show us a book cover that is VERY CREEPY! Or maybe the title or some other illustration gives you a creepy vibe.

Day 19: Bloody Book – A book with blood on it. Totally different from day 15 (Bloody reds)

Day 20: Dark Title – A book with a title that’s dark, evil, or halloween related.

Day 21: Thriller Night (Book) – QUEUE THE MICHAEL JACKSON MUSIC! Show us a thriller book! Also, if you’ve read the book, let us know if it was scary!

Day 22: Cauldron Brew – Ship two unlikely characters – Okay, to make this halloween themed, lets create some crazy, bizarre and just plain creepy couples!

Day 23: Sweet Tooth – Book + Candy (Do I have to explain anything on this one? haha)

Day 24: Mummy Monday – Back from the dead – Show us some books with mummies, or just characters that came back from the dead!

Day 25: Toilet Paper Tuesday – Which Villain would you TP? (They wont hurt you, its okay haha!)

Day 26: Witch Wednesday – Books with witches, or anything similar to that theme.

Day 27: Thrilling Thursday – Favorite Halloween Movie + Book ; Show us your favorite October / Halloween read and your MUST watch movie for Halloween! (I have a tradition of watching certain movies every year, do you?)

Day 28: Frankestein Friday – Books with Genetically Modified Characters

Day 29: Spirit Saturday (Ghosts) – Books with ghosts, spirits, or any similar supernatural creature.

Day 30: Trick-or-Treat (Haul) – IT’S ALMOST HALLOWEEN! Let’s cheat a little and “trick-or-treat” by showing our treats (books) hauled during this month!

Day 31: Halloween! Book + Costume; Do you dress up on Halloween? Then show us your costume! You can add up a bok related to your costume, or your current read… honestly, it can be anything you want. 😉

I hope this small guide helps you, and if there are any questions, you can direct message me on Instagram or leave a comment down below!



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  1. TeacherofYA says:

    Cute idea! If I could post daily, I’d be all over that!


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