Book Club Alert! – Social Book Club

Hi everyone! Today I bring AMAZING news!
We’ve been working on this idea for a while, and now I can finally spill the beans on this!

I’ve teamed up with Socialbookco, to bring you guys a new Instagram based Book Club!



Social Book Club!

“Join other literary enthusiasts across the globe at the Social Book Club. Whether you’re after stimulating conversation about your favourite novels or just a means to fuel your love of books, you can combine reading with chatter, wining and textual analysis!”

The amazing people from Socialbookco have given me the amazing opportunity of hosting an official book club for their website! This book club is launching TODAY (October 6, 2016.) and you do not want to miss it!

What is Social Book Club?

It’s a new Instagram based monthly book club, where people from all over the world can discuss books freely!

How can I join?

All you have to do is follow the Instagram account: @Socialbookclub ! Yes, it’s that easy!

Do I have to be a Blogger / Bookstagrammer to join?

Not at all! You just need an Instagram account, it could be your personal account or one made just to join in! We just want book lovers to have a place to discuss books, regardless of the type of Instagram account they run!

Am I obligated to participate every month?

No. If you join, you are under no obligation of reading a book that you are not interested in. We’d like to make this as fair as possible, which is why we let ALL members vote for each book we will read. If you do not like the current book pick, there is always next month!

How does the book club work?

You may find all of the information HERE, but to summarize it:

  1. The Book Club will be run via the Social Book Club Instagram page.
  2. Each month we’ll have a period of 2-3 days where we will be taking suggestions for what our read for the next month should be.
  3. The most popular suggestions will be picked and added to a new poll, where everyone can vote for their official pick. The book with the most votes will be picked as our official read for the month.
  4. Every week throughout the month we’ll have discussions about the book. Discussions will be based on different chapters each week.
  5. At the end of the month we’ll have one big discussion as a wrap-up, where we can give our final thoughts, ratings, share links for reviews, etc.
  6. And just to add to the fun we’ll be hosting some amazing giveaways each month!

As a bonus, every month, we’ll have a different hashtag that our members can use when they want to talk about their book! This way, we can keep track of who is reading, and also feature their pictures on the Instagram page!

Now, would YOU like to join the Social Book Club?

If so, check out our newly made Instagram group: @Socialbookclub !

Also, check out our official book club page on the Socialbookco website!



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