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small change instagram tour

Roan Parrish & A Novel Take PR

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SMALL CHANGE is out 6/1 and we’ll be celebrating with a bookstagram photo contest! First of all, you might be asking… what’s SMALL CHANGE? So let me you guys about this gorgeous book by Roan Parrish!

Small Change (Small Change, #1)“Ginger Holtzman has fought for everything she’s ever had—the success of her tattoo shop, respect in the industry, her upcoming art show. Tough and independent, she has taking-no-crap down to an art form. Good thing too, since keeping her shop afloat, taking care of her friends, and scrambling to finish her paintings doesn’t leave time for anything else. Which … is for the best, because then she doesn’t notice how lonely she is. She’ll get through it all on her own, just like she always does.

Christopher Lucen opened a coffee and sandwich joint in South Philly because he wanted to be part of a community after years of running from place to place, searching for something he could never quite name. Now, he relishes the familiarity of knowing what his customers want, and giving it to them. But what he really wants now is love.

When they meet, Christopher is smitten, but Ginger … isn’t quite so sure. Christopher’s gorgeous, and kind, and their opposites-attract chemistry is off the charts. But hot sex is one thing—truly falling for someone? Terrifying. When her world starts to crumble around her, Ginger has to face the fact that this fight can only be won by being vulnerable—this fight, she can’t win on her own.

Small Change is the first book in a series that will include M/F and M/M romances.”


Does it sound interesting? Then let’s move on to the challenge!

WHAT IT IS: for six days, stop by each of the hosts to see their photos of Small Change and take part in the daily theme challenge.

HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE AND WIN THINGS: post photos that fit the theme of the day using the hashtag #SmallChangeRelease, tag the bookstagram host, the author (@roanparrish), and A Novel Take PR (@anoveltakepr) and that will enter you in a giveaway to win the book!


6/5: challenge hosted by @bookish_notes: Tattoos! Ginger is a tattoo artist. Post a pic of a fave tattoo, or an image of a book with your fave tattooed character.

6/6: challenge hosted by @dielesekatze: Halloween! Halloween is Ginger’s fave holiday and she decorates the shop each year. Post a halloween-inspired pic, or your favorite scary story.

6/7: challenge hosted by @erchomaiii: Painting! In addition to being a tattoo artist, Ginger is also a painter. Post a pic of or inspired by your fave painting (or both, side by side).

6/8: challenge hosted by @sarahreadsnz: Coffee! Ginger lives on takeout and coffee and is obsessed with coffee ice cream. Post a coffee pic (or tea, if that’s more your speed)

6/9: challenge hosted by @serialbibliophile: Song titles! “Small Change” is the name of Ginger’s tattoo shop, and it comes from a Tom Waits song/album. Post a pic inspired by one of your favorite songs, or a book you love that takes its title from a song

6/10: challenge hosted by @lisa_lostinlit: Sandwich time! Christopher owns a cafe and loves creating fabulous new sandwiches. Post a pic of your fave sandwich, from the most basic to the most complex, and make us wish we were eating with you

* * *

GIVEAWAY DETAILS: up for grabs are 2 e-copies and 2 paper copies of Small Change. Open Internationally for ebooks, and within the USA for paperbacks. Winners will be picked by Roan Parrish on 6/15 and contacted with their prize via the Instagram account they used to enter.

* * *

I hope to see you guys on my bookstagram tour day, June 9!
Much love,


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